Transportation Services

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The Transportation Management Experts

In the transportation industry, being proactive is paramount. At AFS, our goal in partnership is to keep you well-informed to help you make strong operational and financial decisions.

In order to provide our clients with access to deeply competitive rates and outstanding customer service, the AFS LTL team maintains and continues to grow solid relationships with LTL carriers that you seek and trust. Years of combined experience working directly for carriers affords the LTL team the knowledge to manage all of your unique shipping needs with cost-savings solutions and streamlined processes.

At AFS, we pride ourselves on transparency through a variety of analytic tools and detailed billing reports. Our team helps you to understand and interpret the information for business scenarios and forecasting. Leverage this data intelligence when engaging with carriers and considering operational optimization.

Cost-Management Solutions

100,000+ Contracts Administered

Compliance Monitoring

Rate Impact Mitigation Measures

Specialized Reviews & Reports

Freight Audit & Payment Services

Overcharge Recovery

45-Point Audit

“Quick Pay” via EFT

Consolidated Carrier Payments


The Full Volume Experts

Flexibility is a must with truckload shipments and no one recognizes this better than the AFS Truckload Services department. AFS Truckload streamlines our clients’ shipping processes and provides clients with the most cost-effective options. Working with the same AFS team member for the entirety of their agreement, truckload is known for their “one call” approach.

Our endless capacity to handle a wide range of specialized shipping needs ensures your goods arrive when and where you need them. With years of industry experience and knowledge, our dedicated team of truckload professionals is ready to manage your transportation needs with the superior level of service you expect.

Service & Solution Highlights

Same-Day Service

Air & Expedited Shipments

Full/Partial Truckload

Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Alaska & Hawaii

Emergency After-Hours Service Provided 24/7

Over the Road Offerings




Low Boy



Step Deck

Heavy Haul

Power Only

Air Freight


The Import/Export Experts

AFS International Services is a full-service NVOCC and licensed Freight Forwarder. We support our shippers’ needs, both international and domestic, by arranging door-to-door transportation while ensuring compliance with both import and export regulations. What we strive to deliver is peace of mind, so you know your cargo is shipped safely from Point A to Point B.

Never a “one size fits all” approach, we service our partners by providing tailor-made solutions. AFS
offers a variety of ways to reduce shipping spend, improve service and simplify the complexities of doing business in international markets.

Service & Solution Highlights

Ocean Freight, both LCL and FCL

Air Freight

U.S. Customs Clearance

Import/Export Compliance

Cargo Insurance

Logistics Consulting

Supply Chain and Cost Analysis

Emergency After-Hours Service Provided 24/7


The Small Package Experts

In the highly competitive marketplace where customers demand free shipping and better customer service, the AFS Parcel Services team has the experience to remain ahead of industry changes in order to provide innovative solutions for our clients. The Parcel team consists of senior-level executives and analysts from UPS, FedEx and DHL. This experience and fresh perspective allows AFS to provide Contract Management, Parcel Audit and Payment services that ensure the best-in-class pricing while maximizing cost-savings opportunities.

Cost-Management Solutions

50,000+ Contracts Administered

Pricing Managers from all Major Carriers

Rate Impact Mitigation Measures

World-Class Analytics for Optimized Savings

Parcel Audit & Payment Services

45-Point Audit

Overcharge Recovery

Carrier Payment Consolidation

Standard Cost Center Coding

Electronic Funding Receipt & Disbursement