Whether it’s controllable or uncontrollable returns, effective product returns strategies and reverse logistics are imperative to reducing transportation costs, improving profitability and increasing customer satisfaction. Depending on your business, returns may be unavoidable. For retailers especially, the returns process can be overly complicated with multiple choke points throughout the process.

AFS Logistics specializes in designing, building and implementing customized Returns Management Systems to streamline processes, automate stages and reduce costs. A quicker, more efficient process, executed more accurately can become a marketable asset and potential profit center for your business. A redesigned and optimized Returns Management System can both reduce variable costs and greatly improve profit margins. According to research by MIT, some companies find they can reduce returns processing costs by 50% or more. In addition to lowering the costs of transport and logistics, these improvements will provide a greater visibility and offering opportunity for inventory management.

Here is an example of a typical returns process:


Here is an example of the future state of returns by utilizing an AFS Returns Management System:


The cost of processing a return can be 2 to 3 times that of an outbound shipment. Can your business afford the additional costs of potential returns? Find out how AFS can reengineer your Returns Management System for cost savings, increased revenues, service level improvements and in some instances a competitive advantage.