Get best-in-class parcel rates through AFS negotiated pricing and catch 99% of incorrect charges. 

AFS helps businesses big or small, domestic or international, save big.
And if we don’t save you money, you don’t pay.

Reduce delivery costs, increase profitability, and free-up internal resources with Parcel Services from AFS. Be sure your rates and discounts are best-in-class through our Parcel Cost Management Services. Recover savings on mischarges and overcharges with our Parcel Audit Services.  Gain insights that save time and money through our advanced Parcel Analytics.
Parcel Cost Management Services
  • Our team knows the ins and outs of parcel contract negotiation
  • We have experience working for the nation’s top carriers
  • AFS Pricing Managers advise you during every step of the RFP process
  • We help to mitigate year-over-year rate increases and other related issues
Parcel Audit Services
  • We review 100% of your company’s small package invoices
  • 99% error discovery of overcharges and mischarges
  • Verification of carrier compliance with contract terms
  • Backup documentation for rapid carrier resolution
Parcel Analytics
  • Our analytics help identify ongoing cost-saving opportunities
  • Spot and rectify package logistics challenges quickly
  • View online reports and insights in real-time
  • Accurate and timely reporting on parcel savings
Rate Discount Program for Smaller Volume Shippers
  • Smaller volume shippers can take advantage of our exclusive program
  • Take advantage of rate discounts to accrue savings from day one
At AFS, we audit more than $2 billion in parcel spend each year, working on behalf of small to very large companies, domestic and international. Our Parcel Services team has extensive pricing management experience from years of working for the nation’s top carriers. This expertise helps your company negotiate best-in-class rates and discounts via contracts that are tailored to your requirements. We execute an enterprise strategy that simplifies your parcel shipping programs, with Parcel Cost Management Services, Parcel Audit Services, Advanced Analytics, and more.

Significant savings
AFS discovered one client was being billed for an overabundance of accessorials and shipping corrections, leading to almost $300,000 in savings. 

Proactive insight
Get a leg up on market trends by leveraging the expertise of our Parcel team. We quickly identify and alert you of any impacts to your parcel spend and work with you to create mitigation strategies.

We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your business.

“AFS has become a very formidable and integral part of our operation. They do all the leg work on inbound and outbound shipping and their reporting enables us to make solid business decisions concerning our logistical costs.”  Cavender’s, Director of Operations

If we don’t save you money,
you don’t pay.