Freight Audit & Payment

Ever have a situation where your freight bill didn’t get paid on time or even worse, you were charged the wrong amount? Of course; most companies have. AFS Logistics is equipped with the personnel, experience and technology needed to make sure this never happens again, maximizing cost savings and ensuring your freight bills are correct and carriers are paid quickly.

AFS has a multi-mode, 45-point audit that is built to catch over-charges, billing errors and hidden costs, making sure you are only paying what you should. To ensure accuracy, freight bills are first audited against your contracts and rates before examining mileage, accessorial charges and tariff usage. The cost avoidance from the audit delivers more than just savings, it delivers peace-of-mind.

It’s a time consuming process to collect numerous freight bills from multiple carriers and make payments via ACH or even worse, by cutting checks. This process requires a fair amount of operational overhead and could, at times, cause late payments. Why not let us take on the hassle of processing your freight bills while we audit for the correct rates? By having a third-party take this off your plate, your organization can focus on core competencies and put expertise where it needs to be therefore increasing your bottom line. Why should you outsource freight payment? Easy, cost savings, opportunity cost and advanced features. What could you do with more?

AFS provides valuable visibility into transportation spend through detailed reports, such as least cost carrier compliance for supply chain optimization. Simply put, our services save you money, reduce the complexity of freight audit and ensure you are paying as little as possible on shipping. Meaning you’re happy and so are your carriers. After all, we believe in helping maintain your long-term partnerships too.


AFS Logistics only makes money if we save you money. We’ll find the overcharges, dispute and settle with the carrier and split the savings with you. Fair is fair. Why pay for services you’re not receiving?