Freight Audit & Payment

Ever have a situation where your freight bill didn’t get paid on time or even worse, you were charged the wrong amount? Of course; most companies have. AFS Logistics is equipped with the personnel, experience and technology needed to make sure this never happens again, maximizing cost savings and ensuring your freight bills are correct and carriers are paid quickly.

Why AFS Logistics?

Ensuring your carriers are paid on time – and what they are charging you is accurate in the first place – requires an investment of focus and time that you could be putting elsewhere to help your business grow. 


Reveal the joy in a frictionless process.

How you’ll benefit with our FAP services:

Quick Payments to Carriers:
This is our clients’ top concern – and what we deliver, every time.

Fast Audit Process:
Our proprietary multi-mode system is designed to catch over-charges, billing errors and hidden costs.

Quick Cycle Times:
We promise to impress you with the speed of our audit turnaround; and within five business days or less, we’re ready to send payment to your carrier.

Peace of Mind:
Our logistics specialists, experience and technology are what you need in a partner to maximize cost savings and ensure your freight bills are correct and carriers are paid quickly. Talk about a relief!

Strong Financial Partner:
AFS Logistics is one of the strongest and most trusted 3PL logistics service providers in the U.S., for nearly 40 years.

Totally Transparent:
We make our entire process available to you every step of the way. You can check in anytime, online, and see our progress in real time.

Savings: Time, Money and Headaches!
Rely on us to maximize your carrier cost savings while we save you valuable time and the hassles of processing your own freight bills. We ensure you are only paying what should while reducing your operational overhead.

Simplify your life and eliminate the tedious tasks of collecting and auditing freight billing and cutting checks to carriers. We can take care of that headache for you.

Communicate with AFS Logistics your way:

Call us! Contact an AFS logistics specialist at 877-242-3383
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• Have us call you! Email your query to: moreinfo@afs.net