Lately we’ve been hearing a lot about Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and how great it is, especially from Machine Learning providers and early adopters. How much of this is reality – and how much of it is hype?

In the last couple of years, everyone has been jumping on the “AI” bandwagon – and rightfully so. “New tools and cloud solutions have simplified the process of running algorithms just like calculators simplified basic math for people decades ago.” said Nathan Johnson, Chief Information Officer for AFS.

And according to AFS’ Chief Analytics Officer Mingshu Bates, “As a result, it’s made the practice of Predictive Analytics a lot more accessible, even for companies that don’t have a huge stable of engineers or mathematicians.”

So no, it really isn’t just hype. AI/Machine Learning truly is that advanced, real and powerful. And it’s highly capable of helping your company do everything from improving predictability to streamlining your work faster and more easily. But only, of course, if you actually use it.