In the world of shipping, disruptors come in many forms – natural disasters, political climate, yearly holiday closings, etc. And if you’re thinking holiday closings are over, think again. The Year of the Rat (Lunar/Chinese New Year) begins January 25 and for many shippers, that means the factories that make their goods, suppliers, agents and partners will all see disruptions. So, as a shipper, how can you overcome these challenges? Have a flexible supply chain!

Having a flexible supply chain means having several manufacturing points, resilient shipping options and a well-planned warehousing strategy. For annual events like the Lunar New Year, start planning ahead. Coordinate your international shipments and manufacturing in advance to avoid delays and leverage shipment volume and carrier relationships for better prices and delivery times.

Even after Lunar New Year celebrations have ended, expect to see the disruptions continue as manufacturers resume operations. By forecasting correctly and searching for alternative suppliers, you can avoid any hiccups in your logistics program.

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