AFS Logistics expands its transactional cargo protection and assurance offerings as part of the newly launched Risk Management Services, a portfolio of product and service offerings to protect clients from potential liabilities that exist within today’s complex and sophisticated trade networks.

Operating in a global logistics environment requires a multifaceted understanding of US Customs regulations and the liabilities associated with the transfer of risk during the transportation lifecycle. Many shippers lack strong internal compliance programs or operate without adequate coverage of their goods. This lack of assurance places unnecessary and significant liabilities on business operations.

“Most shippers are only covered for loss or damage when a carrier admits liability and fault” says Leslie Smalley, program administrator for AFS Risk Management Services. “Loss and damage recovery remains a challenge for most shippers and increases exposure to financial risks. Through AFS, clients now have the opportunity to secure all-risk cargo coverage.”

AFS Cargo Coverage Benefits:

  • Full protection for the sales value of your goods
  • Highly competitive international rates on air and ocean coverage
  • Flexible options to fit your freight and carrier needs
  • TMS integration for ease of use during the booking of a shipment
  • Dedicated team to assist with expediting the claims process
  • Lower than average deductibles

With the launch of Risk Management Services, clients will now have access to several logistics and transportation risk solutions to improve internal compliance, loss recovery and liability mitigation that minimizes financial impacts of supply chain disruptions.

For more information, review our Cargo Coverage information sheet or email