Introducing pulse

Introducing Pulse pulse, powered by AFS, is a revolutionary shipping technology series developed by AFS to assess and elevate the health of your supply chain, promoting wellness where companies need it most: Visualizing normalized, global shipping data, Shopping and executing orders seamlessly and electronically, and Managing loss and damage claims in a single portal.
Better Intelligence

Companies Who Ship Deserve Better Intelligence.

Information is your ally. Time is your nemesis. Spend too much time assembling information to create intelligence, and its value decays rapidly, to the point real issues are tossed to the backburner. Spend more time consuming it, and you take action that leads to better informed decisions and greater profitability.

How Visible is Your Data?

Meet pulseBI (business intelligence), the most flexible shipping analytics platform in the market. Scalable for any-size shipper, you now have access to relevant, normalized data on any device you choose.
Pulse TMS

Too Many Shipping Steps?

Rid yourself of numerous browser bookmarks, user guides, and desktop shipping packages. TMS offers you a single app for shipment rating, execution, tracking, and reporting for parcel, LTL, and truckload orders. Built-in API and EDI connections with your carriers provide seamless, real-time submission and feedback on pickup requests and tracking updates. Shave time and steps off your routing routine.

How Well Do You Recover?

Overage, Shortage & Damage is part of the shipping experience. Mitigate its cost to you by better managing your claims proceedings. Goodbye manual tracking sheets and poor visibility. OSD provides quick, easy access to enter and manage your shipping claims from your desktop or mobile device.

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