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Reduce Your Shipping Costs on TL Shipments

AFS truckload services are designed to do one thing—reduce your landed costs on TL shipments. We do this by leveraging the latest TMS (Transportation Management System) technology, as well as load and routing strategies in order to take advantage of every opportunity. Better yet, we do it all while ensuring that your load arrives intact and on-time.

Tools That Drive Down Shipping Costs

As part of our truckload services, we utilize a series of tools that help drive down costs. Our onPoint Mapping Services dynamically optimize your freight volume at the lane level, ensuring you are eliminating excessive miles and stops. Our web-based collaboration tools provide you detailed manifests, ensuring none are missed. We know what levers to pull to ensure your loads are covered and delays mitigated.

Logistics KPI Reports That’ll Save You Time and Money

No good service is complete without good KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to measure success. Your work is only as good as the information at your fingertips. Poor indicators create misinformation that could otherwise save the company or customer money. Because of this, AFS provides the right metrics for more cost effective truckload shipping services.

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Transportation Audit for Every Business
From Fortune 500 to those building their fortunes, AFS helps companies of every size reduce their shipping costs and positively impact the bottom line. Our freight audit software is the most accurate and most powerful platform available today and we know that when you see it in action, you’ll want to see what it can do for you.
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