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Client Savings as we Speak

The counter above represents our client savings run-rate, the single-most braggadocios metric we deliver. We save an average of $14K per hour in their shipping and logistics!

How, you ask? While technology is one of our key advantages, it’s the tireless efforts of our account managers and their teams who really make it happen. They work hand-in-hand with each client through our transportation analytics, shipping cost management, freight and parcel audits, freight payments and truckload services. They sniff out the problem areas and provide the solid fixes.

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Negotiating Better Shipping Costs

Many shipping cost management providers are simply one-trick ponies. They negotiate with a carrier, bill you for services, and walk away. Where is the value in that?

AFS is about more than just negotiating. Sure, that is part of our strategy as well. However, our approach incorporates carrier compliance, route/service optimization, and dedicated client support for added value and increased savings opportunity.

Strengthening the Carrier/Shipper Relationship

The final opportunity to deliver on your brand promise rests on the shoulders of your carriers. We take that seriously, which is why our engagement promotes the shipper-carrier relationship.

Unlike some 3PLs who filter all shipper-carrier communication through themselves, AFS has an open door policy, encouraging carrier representatives to strengthen the local relationships with our mutual client. In our 30 years of experience, we’ve found quicker issue resolution, better communication, and fewer shipping issues when carrier relationships are maintained.

The bottom line? Save more money.

Cost Management from AFS is about one thing—helping you save money without all the hassle, time and expense of going through yet another negotiation. We can help you do it right, save money and have peace-of-mind knowing you’ve got the best possible pricing for your shipping profile.

Client savings since 2013

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Freight Audit Software
With so many freight audit software options, it’s difficult to know which one to choose. All claim expertise and insight, but only AFS stands out. Our ability to handle any mode, with real-time savings reporting is something no other freight audit company offers. You’ll see right away that AFS is the kind of partner you’ve always needed.
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