Freight Payment.

Freight Payment Services That Actually Show Where Your Money Goes.

At AFS, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of transparency in the industry. That's why we've set up our freight payment service so that you can know exactly when, where, and how much was paid. After all, it's your money. We ensure that no matter the issue, you always know where your money goes.

Simplifying Complex Logistics Budgets

Freight payment is a headache for even the most seasoned logistics and finance teams. At AFS, we’re simplifying this complex process by adding transparency and accuracy around each invoice. Your costs are standardized and categorized for easier consumption and review. This way, you spend less time in the weeds and more time doing what matters most—ensuring budgets and customer needs are met.

Trusted and Secure Freight Payments

We recognize that freight payment is really handling other people’s money. That’s why we take extra steps to ensure proper distribution of all funds going through our trusted and secure freight payment process. With our EFT funding process, we take wire transfers from clients and “quick pay” carriers via EFT within 24 hours. Try finding another freight payment company willing to do that.

The bottom line? Peace-of-mind.

Our Freight Payment system is second-to-none. Backed by state of the art technology and a team of freight experts, you can rest-assured knowing that your payments will be delivered on-budget and on-time. Best of all, our online systems give you the option of knowing bill payment status at any time. And that’s real peace-of-mind.

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Freight Audit Made Simple
Parcel Audit problems? Freight audit foul-ups? No matter the problems you face with managing your shipping spend, AFS can bring a level of accuracy and visibility to every shipping dollar spent. Starting with our cutting-edge technology and backed by a team of supply chain experts, AFS covers every angle of transportation spend management.
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