The most accurate Freight and Parcel Audit available.

Industry-leading freight audit system

A freight and parcel audit is nothing new. And, with so many freight auditors to choose from, how do you know who is best? At AFS, we have a simple answer to that question—where others talk about it, we prove it. Our industry-leading freight audit system catches 99% of all overcharges, late payments, accessorials, and more, leaving you with the comfort of knowing you’re not paying for something you shouldn’t.

Analytics - Key Metrics

Maximize Freight and Parcel Savings

As an AFS valued customer, you’re assigned a dedicated account manager that actively monitors your account to ensure your shipping cost savings are maximized. By studying your contracts and closely monitoring analytics, they’re able to uncover those hidden costs stuffed between the corporate couch cushions. There’s no feeling like the feeling of finding lost money.

Custom Transportation Analytics &
Shipping Reports

Transportation Analytics & Reports outline where there are untapped savings and breakout individual areas that could be optimized. With these powerful tools, clients know where they can reduce costs and add bottom-line profit.



Make your life easier.

At the end of the day, you have a lot to worry about. AFS offers the peace of mind that comes with auditing your freight bills and the visibility to check and double check on your end. Quite simply, the AFS audit saves you money, reduces your complexity, and offers peace-of-mind.

Client savings since 2013

AFS users are saving as we speak.

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Freight Invoice Audit that Just Works
Ever have a time that either your freight invoice doesn’t get paid on time or is the incorrect amount? Of course. We all have. At AFS, our unique blend of real-time technology and real people ensures that errors like that never happen. Meaning you’re happy and so are your carriers. After all, we believe in helping you maintain your long-term partnerships too.
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