Ever drive down the street and see the signs that say Mediation, Save Time and Money? While divorce is infinitely more common today than it was say…50 years ago, it’s still not something anybody looks forward to. Why is that? Maybe because it takes admitting you made a major mistake. Maybe because there are more people involved other than just the 2 people that started out. And maybe it’s simply because of—you guessed it—MONEY.

Like a mediator, AFS plays the go between to save you time and money in shipping. Unlike a mediator, AFS is NOT here to sever your carrier relationships. One of AFS’ key objectives is improving shipper carrier relationships, helping to get you more profitable.

Managing Your Time and Money

Retaining the services of your carrier, even after a minor infraction or two, is well worth your time. Often in this day of relationship management, we get a little trigger happy and…fire. (pun intended) But should we really?

Mapping Your Road to Finding a New CarrierIt is suggested by Annie Mueller that the cost of hiring a new employee is somewhere around 125- to 140-percent of his/her salary when factoring in a number of calculations. Similarly, finding a new carrier bears the same weight. See the graphic; there’s a lot of time and money involved!

AFS helps logistics and shipping managers find and fix costly problems. With our industry-leading 45-point freight audit process, we cover 45 of the most over-looked shipping cost management KPI’s where companies lose money. While you may not realize it, at first, the savings are there. This is because you’ve always paid those costs unknowingly. For example: It’s like paying $100 for mobile minutes every month only to discover there’s a package plan, with the same wireless carrier, that gives you the same benefits at $50! Yup, it’s like that.

The 45-point inspection covers areas like:

  1. On-Time Delivery
  2. Description/Classification Issues
  3. Fuel Surcharge
  4. Residential Fees
  5. Remote Delivery Fees
  6. Address Corrections
  7. Pickup Fees
  8. Rate Errors
  9. Dimensional Weight
  10. Manifested Not Shipped

Like any good mediator, AFS is here to facilitate positive change. Armed with nearly 300 shipping professionals, AFS provides the industry’s leading tools and works with you to maximize profitability, showing each step of the way where money can be saved without sacrificing service or speed.

If you’re interested in discovering the dollar bills you’ve left in the couch and improving the relationship you’ve got with your carrier, contact an AFS representative today.

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