Collaborative work spaces, team-based seating, state of the art IT , efficient work spaces…these are just a few amenities in store for the brand new AFS corporate headquarters.  Almost 30,000 square feet  has been created to support thousands of current AFS customers and the nearly 300 logistics experts employed by AFS.  This beautiful building, is a clean and modern structure marked by seamless glass and accented by decorative rock pillars.   Visitors will be wowed upon entry by the two-story wall representing the heights AFS has reached over its 34 years in business.

AFS, a leader in third party logistics, saves clients money through managed transportation spend.  With the help of a brand new TMS and state of the art Analytics, AFS not only saves money through negotiating better rates for their clients, but also provide unparalleled reporting and supply-chain management.   Owner and founder Brian J. Barker lives by a simple philosophy, “without good employees, we don’t’ have clients, without clients, we don’t have a business.” The new workplace was designed to empower teams to work more efficiently as they save clients money on logistics solutions.

AFS values its relationship with clients and carriers.  Mark Kolde, Vice President of Logistics Products looks forward to his team being able to work smart in the new building.  “By grouping our LTL folks near our Parcel, Truckload, and International Teams, the opportunity to continue to be the “one-stop shop” for our clients is increased tenfold. By working in an open environment with easy access to leadership and IT, our teams will be even more strategic and nimble.”

The new corporate office is located in the heart of Shreveport commerce, with easy access to I-49 and I-20.  “AFS hopes that all current and future clients will enjoy touring our state-of –the art facility.  We are especially proud of the production line housed on the first floor. This team audits thousands of carrier invoices per day with incredible accuracy and efficiency,” reports Adam Moulding, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

DeAnn Arnold, VP Of Human Resources and Culture, says, “the new office will be a major recruiting win. Who wouldn’t love to come to a new, clean, modern workspace?  The open concept will promote creativity and energy into the workforce.  We’ve also built in many features to nurture employees, such as a private health and wellness room for nursing mothers.”

The new office is equipped with a 4,000 square foot customizable community space.  This space can easily be converted for classroom-style training , team building exercises, and even a workout class or two.  “The possibilities in the community room are endless,” states Sharmen Pennington, Director of HR and Culture. “I’m looking forward holding our annual employee events such as tailgating, Thanksgiving, and our Annual Sales Conference, in this gorgeous space.”

“We had simply outgrown our current facilities, it was time to have a space AFS could inhabit with room to grow,” VP of Operations, Randy Hollifield stated.  He continues, “We will have plenty of room to add headcount as we continue to save clients money.”

To sum it up, AFS is poised for the next generation of third party logistics with its new corporate headquarters.  This beautiful building represents a commitment to AFS’s clients, customers, and the Shreveport-Bossier City community.  “We look forward to continuing long term relationships, enhancing our products, and building new business for years to come,” proclaims owner/founder, Brian J. Barker.

AFS anticipates taking occupancy in the last week of August. We do not anticipate an interruption in services; the move is scheduled to occur during a weekend.

AFS CorporateCome back soon for more pictures of the inside of this beautiful space.

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