We're driven by one purpose - to constantly reduce your shipping costs.

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Shipping data and experience.

AFS partners with companies to constantly reduce shipping costs. We incorporate freight and parcel audits with international cargo insurance, transportation analytics, and shipping cost management to round-out the most comprehensive service offering available. No matter how you slice it, our goal is to reduce your shipping costs across the board. And, with over $10B in annual shipping spend managed, we have the data and experience required to lower your costs and add value to the bottom-line.

280 Experts working to reduce your shipping cost.

AFS believes in the power of synergy. The more there are working on a common problem, the more likely the results will be. At AFS, there are 280 cost reduction experts working to reduce your shipping costs. Our team consists of knowledgeable auditors, freight bill resolution managers, pricing analysts and those with extensive carrier expertise. You’ve got everything you need with AFS on your team to guarantee significant savings on your logistics budget.

Right-size shipping costs.

The quote – “if you do what you did, you’ll get what you got” – never rings more true than for logistics professionals. At AFS, we believe in a holistic approach to shipping cost management so that no matter what it is that you ship, or how you ship it, we ensure your shipping costs are the right size for your company demographic.

The bottom line? Never miss an opportunity to reduce your shipping costs.

Our mission is to make sure we never miss an opportunity to reduce your shipping costs. And with that mission in mind, it’s our goal to serve as your long-term, shipping cost management partner. Because as a valued partner we want to deliver more than just savings, we deliver peace-of-mind.

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Freight Audit Made Simple
Parcel Audit problems? Freight audit foul-ups? No matter the problems you face with managing your shipping spend, AFS can bring a level of accuracy and visibility to every shipping dollar spent. Starting with our cutting-edge technology and backed by a team of supply chain experts, AFS covers every angle of transportation spend management.
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