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What We Believe

Companies deserve a better forecast for their shipping cost.


At AFS, we believe in the need for transparency to reduce shipping costs for clients.

Far too often, companies do not recognize the true cost of shipping. They are ill-equipped to account for the hidden costs (weekly surcharges, rate increases, added fees).



Opportunity Knocks

In 2012, AFS’ leadership began to vision-cast for the future.

We recognized growing client expectations for cloud-based computing. These included:

Ever-improving performance
Greater end-user flexibility
Added features with fewer clicks
An insatiable thirst for relevant data

We recognized the effort to meet the expectations and so required dedicated resources to develop new features and applications.

We recognized the benefit of ownership versus contracting in the global market. Owning builds camaraderie and brand loyalty with the people we hire. It’s a mutual investment, not a transaction.


Our decision: Invest in the people of India.


A Great Location

Hyderabad, India is fast-becoming the Silicon Valley of the Far East, with investments from global companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon.

A city of just 3.6 million people in 2001, Hyderabad now boasts nearly 7 million. The workforce is highly-literate, highly-educated, and highly-motivated.

We found a great office location in the area of Begumpet. Traveling to the office is easy thanks to a public transportation stop just outside our front door on Begumpet Rd. Within 3 km, you have many amenities including apartment housing, retail and dining, and universities.


With our location targeted, we next built our team… starting at the top.


Leadership is Key

To invest in the people meant we needed a capable, local business leader. We chose Vijay Burton, Managing Director of the India team.

Vijay brings 16+ years experience building teams, engaging clients, and delivering software solutions across the globe. He previously served in various executive roles involving strategic development, technology leadership, process management, and sales/marketing.

Along with his various credentials, Vijay has earned his Masters in Computer Application from Osmania University, Hyderabad. Vijay enjoys reading, traveling, playing cricket & golf, and also likes bridging the cultural gaps between the east and the west.


Are the people we hire passionate about our belief?

Where We're Headed

AFS will provide innovative and progressive guidance to our Partners, whether clients, carriers, or employees, by investing in leading edge technology, professional career development, and superior customer service.

AFS  Technology Services is an exciting testament to our vision. Our goal is to see it grow, be it revenue, loyalty, and belief. People are our greatest asset. To grow depends on your commitment to always find a better way to reduce shipping costs.

Are you looking for a better way?

Email: hrindia@afs.net

Phone: +91-40-42627767

1-11-252/6&7/D, 3rd Floor, Gowra Klassic,
Behind Shoppers Stop, Begumpet,
Hyderabad – 500016 TELANGANA INDIA

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What are the hidden costs of shipping?
Shipping has become complicated. Shippers are ill-equipped to deal with the 100s of pages in a carrier service guide listing rates, requirements, and regulations. You deserve better. AFS is your cost management partner, categorizing each fee to help you forecast. This is transparency you need.
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